How to xerox

“Xerox” is a term that is often used as a synonym for making photocopies. While Xerox is actually the name of a company that manufactures copiers and printers, the term “xerox” has become a commonly used term for photocopying. Here are the basic steps for making a photocopy:

Load the paper

Load the paper that you want to copy into the paper tray of the photocopier. Make sure that the paper is loaded correctly, and adjust the paper guides if necessary.

Set your copy options

Choose the settings that you want for your copy, such as the number of copies you want to make, the paper size, and the darkness of the copy.

Place your original

Place the original document that you want to copy face down on the glass or in the document feeder, depending on the type of copier you’re using. If using the document feeder, make sure that the document is loaded correctly.

Start the copy

Press the “Copy” button to start the copying process. Wait for the copier to finish making the copies before removing them from the output tray.

Adjust as necessary

Check the copies to make sure they came out correctly, and adjust your settings as necessary for future copies.

Note that the exact steps for making a photocopy may vary depending on the type of copier you’re using, so be sure to consult the user manual if you’re unsure about any of the steps.